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marcia is the website of Marcia Sloane. Marcia has had a wide-ranging career in the U.S. and Canada playing orchestral and chamber music, improvising and composing for dance and theatre, arranging and playing for recordings, and collaborating with visual artists and storytellers. She was one of the founders of Symphony of the Redwoods on the Mendocino Coast in 1983 and currently co-directs Navarro River String Camp, a chamber music camp for adult string players. Her training as a Ta Ke Ti Na teacher influences her work as a teacher, performer, and composer.

Marcia has made several CDs of her music and Cello Drones for Tuning and Improvisation, a CD used by musicians throughout the world.

    Cello Drones for Tuning and Improvisation: resonant acoustic cello drones on all 12 chromatic pitches (each 6-minutes long); a musician’s practice partner for tuning and improvisation.

    Cello Drones for Meditation and Relaxation: Acoustic cello drones on each pitch of the C Major scale allow your mind to settle into a state ideal for meditation, creative activity, and relaxation.

    Skyward: classical, new age, world fusion cello: songs and instrumental works for cello with vocals, guitar, accordion, clarinet, piano, and percussion.

    So not Jazz: songs for guitar, cello, piano, and voice; vocals and instrumentals, entrancing improvisations.

    When Light is Your Garden: danceable love songs with a Latin tinge featuring cello and vocals with guitar, piano, and percussion, composed and arranged by Marcia Sloane and Todd Walton.

    I Remember You: cello interludes surround five funny and poignant short stories written and read by Todd Walton.