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Thunder Shower
quartet for flute, violin, viola, and cello
by Marcia Sloane

Page 6 of “Thundershower”
Page 6 of “Thundershower”

“Thunder Shower” is in 9/8 time, divided 2 + 2 + 3 + 2, with several short sections in 4/4. Cello pizzicato defines the 9/8 rhythmic structure over which a slow melody, free-flowing over the barline, contrasts with a faster melody aligned with the rhythmic structure. The piece opens with an espressivo viola solo and concludes with fading rhythmic pizzicato in the strings. Duration 6 minutes.

Listen to a sample clip from Thundershower in an arrangement for cello ensemble with marimba.

This piece is available on the CD Skyward

This music is available as a free downloadable PDF.

1. Download all of the files in a Zip archive (540KB, requires Stuffit or similar utility to un-stuff. Don't worry, most modern computers come with this function)

2. Download the component files separately:

  • Complete score (216KB pdf)
  • Cello part (80KB pdf)
  • Flute part (92KB pdf)
  • Viola part (96KB pdf)
  • Violin part (96KB pdf)

    Page 9 of “Thundershower”
    Page 9 of “Thundershower”


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