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Navarro River String Camp

Since 2004!

2017 Summer Session: Wednesday August 16th - Sunday August 20th
With optional Extra Day, a separate program after the five-day camp concludes, from 4pm Sunday afternoon until 4pm Monday afternoon, August 20th and 21st.

Camp is held at Angela Center, Santa Rosa, California

navarro string camp 2016

String Camp, August 2016, Angela Center, Santa Rosa CA

Navarro River String Camp is a Project of Symphony of the Redwoods, a community orchestra which has flourished on the Mendocino Coast since 1983. Please visit the Symphony website. You can also "like" the Symphony on Facebook. Symphony of the Redwoods is a 501(c)(3) organization which means that your contributions to the Navarro River String Camp Music Library and Scholarship Fund are tax-deductible. Sincere thanks to the Symphony for their support.

2017 Summer Session: Wednesday August 16th - Sunday August 20th

Angela Center, Santa Rosa, California

Application form will be available here May 1.

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If you have an interest in playing with others and want to gain ensemble experience, this is the camp for you! Created especially for beginning and intermediate adult string players (violin, viola, and cello), Navarro River String Camp provides an opportunity to gain ensemble experience and enjoy an intensive musical retreat in northern California. Participants will spend time rehearsing both coached and uncoached in several different assigned groups with music mailed out in advance. Classes are offered developing rhythmic, intonation, sight-reading, improvisation, and other music and ensemble skills, and there are chamber music jams with the coaches and an evening concert with guest musicians.

Background playing experience of Navarro River string campers is varied. Participants are preferably working with their own teacher and have been playing for at least a year. Some started later in life and have no previous musical experience; others played as kids and are returning after a long break. Some play in chamber groups regularly throughout the year and others do not. Preference is given to applicants who work with a private teacher and maintain a regular practice schedule. Camp has from its beginnings been primarily directed towards beginning and intermediate players, and has evolved to contain a wide spectrum of skill levels. Our wish is for a cross-fertilization of inspiration and support across all levels.

Camp will be held at the Angela Center in Santa Rosa, California. Rehearsal spaces, accommodations, and dining area are contained in two neighboring buildings, both with central heating/air conditioning. Single room accommodations will be available in Ursula Hall, and shared room accommodations in Angela Center, with sinks in all rooms and shared bathrooms down the hallway. Participants can also choose to stay off-campus.

Camp begins Wednesday morning August 16th, with arrival beginning at 10.30am, and runs until 3pm Sunday afternoon August 20th.

This year we are offering the option of staying on for an Extra Day after the five-day camp concludes, from 4pm Sunday afternoon until 4pm Monday afternoon, August 20th and 21st.
Click here for Extra Day information and fees.
Extra Day Application form will be available here May 1.

Registration runs May 1st to June 1st with application forms available online. In accepting applicants we aim to create compatible chamber groups and maintain an instrumental balance of violins, violas, and cellos. Consideration is also given to the order in which applications are received. Letters of acceptance will go out in early June. After the registration period ends applications will continue to be accepted for the waiting list in the event of cancellations.

Please contact us or phone 707.937.3342 for further information.

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  1. The What, How, and Why of Navarro River String Camp
    At the heart of our intention for Navarro River String Camp is the creation of a musical community of mutual enjoyment, appreciation, learning, and support....
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  5. Read about the coaches
  6. For those traveling by air to attend string camp
  7. Program changes for August 2016

Accommodations at Angela Center

  • Shared rooms with 2 twin beds and sink; bathrooms down the hall (Angela Center)
  • Single rooms with 1 twin bed and sink; bathrooms down the hall (most single rooms will be in Ursula Hall, next door to Angela Center)
  • Participants may also reside off campus

Meals at Angela Center

The Angela Center kitchen accommodates vegetarian, non-vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free diets; and asks vegans to bring supplementary foods for which refrigerator space and a microwave will be available.

Fee Information

Fees below include

Tuition (includes all activities, classes, and coaching); and either
On-campus accommodations (4 nights: Wednesday-Saturday and 12 meals: Wednesday dinner-Sunday lunch); or,
For participants staying off-campus, day use fee and 8 meals (lunches and dinners; no breakfasts)
For on-campus accommodations, all beds are twins with sinks in the room and showers and bathrooms down the hall.

  • Shared accommodations (2 per room), tuition, and 12 meals Wednesday dinner-Sunday lunch $945
  • Single-room, tuition, and 12 meals Wednesday dinner-Sunday lunch $1050
  • For those staying off-campus, Angela Center day fee, tuition, and 8 meals $750
    (dinners Wednesday-Saturday; lunches Thursday-Sunday; breakfasts not included)

Application form will be available here May 1.

string camp performance 2016

string camp ensemble 2016

Thanks to David Pollard, Sandy Barrera, and Christine Moore for photos

This program has been made possible, in part, with support from
ACMP Associated Chamber Music Players.acmp logo

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