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navarro river music
navarro river music

What Participants Say About Navarro River String Camp

discussion at navarro river string camp

“To get away from everyday life, to be immersed in pure music with musical people, what could be better.”

“I really liked the coaches. It was interesting working with several different coaches...definitely different ideas and styles. I appreciated all of them.”

“THANK YOU! A really positive experience for me. It is great that you provide such a positive and enriching environment for those of us that are mature, yet perhaps not terribly mature in the playing of our instruments....yet!”

“I was surprised to find I loved the change to perform chorales at the end of camp and our harder pieces during the week. We got to perform our Dvorak several times and by Thursday morning I was pretty much done worrying about that and could concentrate on other things. It was definitely the most relaxing camp for me in that way.”

“The level of difficulty of the music assigned and the grouping of comparable players was spot on. Parts of the music required my reaching upwards but not so far as to lose sight of the point of group work, i.e. help each of the others to shine.”

“The so-called WIPP sessions were excellent. The 'secret sauce' was in the name itself......'work in progress' set exactly the right tone. No expectation of perfection. A casual setting where people might come in or leave at any time. That made for a wonderful way to be introduced to public performance. I had never once before in my life performed a musical piece in front of anyone but family.”

“I remember my first year flying across country and feeling a sense of panic about halfway across the Rockies. I wondered what I was getting myself in to. Would I be able to play on an unfamiliar/rented cello with people I had never met before? My worries were quickly forgotten as I met you all. You have been an important part of my musical journey and growth. ”

“You have created a safe welcoming place for adult learners to grow.”

“The camp is beautifully organized and I felt welcome as soon as I reached the gates of St. Dorothy's. I was especially impressed that we were set up to succeed. That's such a rarity and so important for adult string students.”

“I can't tell you how much I appreciate the experience of these last few days. I know that there is enrichment and expansion going on inside of me and new shores are right here. That will go on unfolding for some time I expect.”

“The coaching was fantastic! I had never had the opportunity to be immersed in such compassion and expertise. It felt professional and nurturing. ”

“I thank you each day. Something occurs in each practice which harkens back to a lesson learned at camp. ”

“I feel like during the camp week I grew in skill and understanding of what it is to be a good music group member.”

“The wonderful supportive feeling we get from the coaches and other campers is the best thing of all.”

“Thank you so much for these treasured opportunities. I don't know where you all came from, but I feel that I belong. You are my people!”

“You have created such a wonderful living, breathing and loving organism.”

“I feel blessed every day that I found this camp. It has made a world of difference in the advancement of my skills and the availability of musicians to play with.”

“Each of the coaches brings something different to us, all valuable. I feel I have learned so much! And what I appreciate the most is the love you all infuse the entire group experience with.”

“I was never in band or orchestra in high school and didn't pick up the viola until 2-1/2 years ago. It was because of attending the camps that I was able to participate in orchestra this year. Playing music has enhanced my life more than I ever thought it would, and playing with others has been the highlight of that entire experience. I credit the camps as making that possible for me.”

“I liked the music choices and having the music ahead of time.”

“I loved how supportive you all were in our attempts to stretch into better playing.”

“The concerts were a gift- it's great to watch music happen at such close range.”

“Our concluding performance was the most fun, agonizing, but fun.”

“Burke was funny and enlightening and kept me from taking myself too seriously.”

“All the activities were educational and helpful. I particularly liked working on the chorales, and feel like I benefited a great deal from them.”

“The workshop was terrific! I learned a lot, played a lot, was challenged, enjoyed all the music & classes, and just had a wonderful time.”

“I was moved witnessing adults who consciously chose to take on the vulnerable role of beginner/student/performer at a time in their life when that's not expected of them — very brave — a powerful act of connecting through music to self and others. You create the nurturing musical environment for this connection to take place.”

“The concert was thrilling. What a great group of people! I loved the beautiful setting, fabulous coaches, socializing, and dining together.”

“This string camp was about music, but it was also about being with people and sharing time together.”

“I can honestly say that NRSC is the best music experience I have ever had. I love the supportive atmosphere you create. I love how the participants are willing to be there and share their hopes and strivings to make music as beautifully as they can. I respect the talent and skill of the coaches and love how willing you are to play for us.”

“Many thanks for making the week I looked forward to all year meet every expectation.”

“For me, even now as winter comes on, last summer's week at Navarro is still pouring out abundant musical memories, stories, laughter, awareness, and acuteness. When it comes to leaving a lasting mark on its campers’ musicianship, NRSC seems to bring new life to Irving Berlin’s magical lyrics: ‘The song is ended but the melody lingers on.’ ”