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cellodrones | Navarro River Music

Cello Drones for Tuning and Improvisation

  • For string players, wind players, vocalists, and instrumentalists
  • Develop your ear and improve your intonation
  • Tune intervals, scales, chords, arpeggios, and musical passages
  • Drones on all 12 chromatic pitches to accompany major, minor, and modal scales
  • Tune your instrument
  • Great practice and teaching tool
  • Helps build technique musically
  • Background soundscape and harmonic base for improvisation
  • Warm resonant sound of acoustic cello

28greatmelodiestreble | Navarro River Music

Now Available! 28 Great Melodies to Play with Drones

  • Classical excerpts and folk songs
  • Each selection written in 12 keys
  • Develop your ear and improve your intonation playing with a sustained reference pitch
  • Recognize the interval patterns of a melody independent of key
  • Explore less familiar keys
  • Play in free rhythm and in different tempos
  • Each selection a melodic take-off for improvisation with a drone
  • Treble, alto, and bass clef editions for all instruments
  • Great practice and teaching tool
  • Music-making for all skill levels

villageandisheetmusic | Navarro River Music

Sheet Music

cellodronesmeditation | Navarro River Music

Cello Drones for Meditation and Relaxation

As one acoustic cello tone fades into the next, your mind settles into a state ideal for meditation, creative activity, and relaxation.


So not Jazz

sonotjazz | Navarro River Music

SO not JAZZ — songs for guitar, cello, piano, and voice; vocals and instrumentals, entrancing improvisations.

skyward | Navarro River Music


Songs and instrumental works for cello with vocals, guitar, accordion, clarinet, piano, and percussion; including “Stories of Joy and the Trickster: Musical Vignettes on 5 Paintings of Marc Chagall” for cello, clarinet, and piano.


When Light is Your Garden

whenlightisgarden | Navarro River Music

Danceable love songs with a latin tinge, acoustic Americana with cello, vocals, guitar, piano, and percussion.

irememberyou | Navarro River Music

I Remember You

Cello interludes surrounding five funny and poignant short stories written and read by Todd Walton.


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