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by Marcia Sloane

For Cello Ensemble or Cello Quartet with optional percussion.

Sevensong is in 7/4 time with melodies in two contrasting metric groupings: 7/8 + 7/8 and 4/4 + 6/8. These two groupings sometimes occur simultaneously, creating cross rhythms. Cello 1 and 2 go to 7th position in bass and tenor clef. Cello 3 goes to 4th position in bass clef. Cello 4 is mostly in 1st position in bass clef. For a cello quartet there are 4th position double stops in all parts; in a cello ensemble all double stops can be played divisi. The conga part supports the rhythm throughout, but if a conga player is not available, members of the ensemble, prior to entering on their parts, can sound the conga rhythm with their hand hitting their chest or thigh. Duration 5 minutes.

Listen to a sample clip from Sevensong

This piece is available on the CD Skyward.

This music is available as a free downloadable PDF.

Downloadable pdf files:

1. Download all of the files in a Zip archive (708KB, requires Stuffit or similar utility to un-stuff. Don't worry, most modern computers come with this function.)

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