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Cello Drones for Tuning and Improvisation

cellodrones | Navarro River Music
  • For string players, wind players, vocalists, and instrumentalists
  • Develop your ear and improve your intonation
  • Tune intervals, scales, arpeggios, and musical passages
  • Drones on all 12 chromatic pitches to accompany major, minor, and modal scales
  • Tune your instrument
  • Great practice and teaching tool
  • Helps build technique musically
  • Background soundscape and harmonic base for improvisation
  • Warm resonant sound of acoustic cello

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The Cello Drones CD is also available in an A442 version as digital files. To order, email

Cello Drones is required for all my students at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. The beauty of the sound creates a peaceful environment which makes practicing or improvising a true delight. I am seeing steady progress in intonation as my students and I work with the drones. Some days I press play and practice with the entire CD, it is both pleasurable and useful.

~ Eugene Friesen

...truly well done, fun and highly useful to sing or play with, starkly beautiful in their own right, you've made a core musical experience more available to more folks.

~ Allaudin Mathieu - composer and author of The Listening Book and The Harmonic Experience

The cello drones CD has a wonderful effect on intonation work and tone development. There isn't one day that I don't use the Cello Drones CD and recommend it to students.

~ Andrei Pricope, Park Ridge Strings, IL

I think these drones really help me, mom.

~ Riley Smith, age 11, 2nd year violin student, Fort Bragg, CA

My kids in the 7th grade orchestra are playing better in tune than ever before. Three days of practicing their scales with the drones has made a tremendous difference in their ability to discern pitch and adjust. (tricky keys, too - F, B-flat, E-flat Majors in 2 octaves).

~ Amy Fear-Bishop, Kansas

My daughter's violin instructor had ordered a cello drones CD and used it during her last lesson. I was amazed at how much and how quickly it helped with my daughter's pitch and intonation. My daughter broke out into a great big smile. Thank you.

~ Karen Rhodes

...a fantastic tool to improve intonation - as a horn player I feel this is the best thing to come along since the invention of the wheel.

~ Jan Bures - horn, San Francisco, California

Even guitarists like cello drones:

I'm really digging the drones! What a cool concept. They're helping me overcome “fret-induced tonal atrophy.” I've been improvising over the drones and I'm feeling much more conscious of each note and the intervals with the tonic and 5th.

~ Jonah Steinbuck, Washington, D.C.

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Ways to use the drone CD.

Playing with Cello Drones is an effective and enjoyable way to develop your ear and improve your intonation. A drone is a sustained tone, and playing or singing with a drone allows you to hear and adjust in relation to an ongoing reference pitch. Tuning to a drone develops awareness of frequency relationships which can carry over into listening and tuning in all playing situations. It adds a harmonic element which enhances the musicality of scale and passage work. As in many musical cultures, playing with a drone also provides a tonal atmosphere and harmonic base for improvisation.

The Cello Drones CD contains drones on all 12 chromatic pitches for tuning and improvisation in major, minor, modal, and scales of your own creation. Each track is approximately 6 minutes in length and consists of 5 sustained tones: 3 octaves of the tonic (the fundamental scale tone) and 2 octaves of the 5th. Software techniques have been used to ensure pitch accuracy. A = 440 Hz.

Take a two-minute spin around the circle of fifths and hear the sound of the cello drones:


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