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What Musicians and Teachers are Saying

“I just want to tell you how much I like the cello drone CDs you sent me. Most of my students are using them every day (I hope) to practice scales slowly and mindfully. In 4 weeks I have seen improvement in everyone’s intonation. In addition, they have more beautiful tones. I think that most of what we usually teach and practice involves getting to the next note, or focusing on the future; in contrast, playing slowly with the drone is allowing my students to focus on the present note. I tried to do this before I had the drone CD, by telling my students about my own teacher, Charles Frisbie, who would start each lesson with a slow scale. Mr. Frisbie told me to make each note the most beautiful one in the world—so beautiful that I could hardly bear to leave it and go on to the next note. I got it, but until the drone CD I was not able to make my own students understand. Now I think they do!”

~ Sherill Roberts, McMinnville, Oregon

“The cello drones CD has a wonderful effect on intonation work and tone development. There isn’t one day that I don’t use the Cello Drones CD and recommend it to students. I feel healthier, more centered and harmonious just listening to it and playing along: scales, arpeggios, etc. I have one in my car and hum along as I drive—I can do my ‘humming’ scales, broken thirds, arpeggios, etc., to internalize pitch and harmony. Then, all is left to do is to match my playing pitch with my internal(ized) one. Thanks for a great idea and beautiful realization!”

~ Andrei Pricope, Park Ridge Strings, IL

“I've used the drone technique a lot (with me, the tuner, or a student playing the drone) and appreciate the audible overtones in your recording. They make tuning down to the fundamental much simpler for groups of students who are new to the concept. My kids in the 7th grade orchestra are playing better in tune than ever before. Three days of practicing their scales with the drones has made a tremendous difference in their ability to discern pitch and adjust. (tricky keys, too - F, B-flat, E-flat Majors in 2 octaves) You have a great product. Thanks!”

~ Amy Fear-Bishop - Director, Prairie Star Middle School and Blue Valley High School Orchestras, KS

“I had no idea what I was getting when I bought the Cello Drones. I'm really enjoying the CD. I love hearing the intervals so well, it's something I'd been wishing for for a long time. I do scales and hearing the intervals is FUN and good for me. I love working like that.”

~ Sue Goodman - cellist, Symphony of the Redwoods, Mendocino, California

“Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much your Cello Drones has improved intonation in my orchestra program. It's nice to be able to have the cellos and basses actively involved in intonation exercises rather than playing the drone. It's a simple idea that should've been done years ago. THANK YOU for making it a reality. This is something that I've needed in my teaching for years. Whenever I'm out as a guest composer or clinician, I'm taking Cello Drones with me.”

~ Jeffrey S. Bishop - Composer, Conductor, Clinician, Director of Orchestras, Shawnee Mission Northwest HS, Shawnee Mission, Kansas

“My daughter's violin instructor had ordered a cello drones CD and used it during her last lesson. I was amazed at how much and how quickly it helped with my daughter's pitch and intonation. My daughter broke out into a great big smile. Thank you.”

~ Karen Rhodes

“I'm really digging the drones! What a cool concept. They're helping me overcome 'fret-induced tonal atrophy.' I've been improvising over the drones and I'm feeling much more conscious of each note and the intervals with the tonic and 5th.”

~ Jonah Steinbuck, Palo Alto CA


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