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Cello Drones for Meditation and Relaxation

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As one acoustic cello tone fades into the next, your mind settles into a state ideal for meditation, creative activity, and relaxation.

A drone is a sustained tone or pitch, meaning that the pitch remains the same over an extended period of time. A melody, on the other hand, is a progression of changing tones. A drone is not a melody.

What you will hear on this CD is a sequence of sustained acoustic cello tones (the C Major scale), each tone fading into the next. The fade-ins and fade-outs of each drone are very gradual and you may want to set your volume accordingly.

Listen to a sample of one of the cello drones


Track 1. Twenty-minute meditation
    2-½ minutes of each pitch of the C Major scale

Track 2. Forty-minute Meditation
    5 minutes of each pitch of the C Major scale

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