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Cello Drones

Cello Drones for Tuning and Improvisation

cellodrones | Navarro River Music
  • For string players, wind players, vocalists, and instrumentalists
  • Develop your ear and improve your intonation
  • Tune intervals, scales, arpeggios, and musical passages
  • Drones on all 12 chromatic pitches to accompany major, minor, and modal scales
  • Tune your instrument
  • Great practice and teaching tool
  • Helps build technique musically
  • Background soundscape and harmonic base for improvisation
  • Warm resonant sound of acoustic cello

Visit the Tuning and Improvisation page.

Coming soon: sheet music booklet for tuning and improvisation

Famous Melodies to Tune and Improvise on with Drones

Each melody written out in 12 keys and offering a unique pitch sequence to tune with drones

Cello Drones for Meditation and Relaxation

cellodronesmeditate | Navarro River Music

As one acoustic cello tone fades into the next, your mind settles into a state ideal for meditation, creative activity, and relaxation.

Visit the Meditation and Relaxation page.


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