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28 Great Melodies to Play with Drones
  • Classical excerpts and folk songs
  • Each selection written in 12 keys
  • Develop your ear and improve your intonation playing with a sustained reference pitch
  • Recognize the interval patterns of a melody independent of key
  • Explore less familiar keys
  • Play in free rhythm and in different tempos
  • Each selection a melodic take-off for improvisation with a drone
  • Treble, alto, and bass clef editions for all instruments
  • Great practice and teaching tool
  • Music-making for all skill levels

Playing with drones is an excellent way to improve intonation, explore less familiar keys, and cultivate a variety of musical skills that increase enjoyment in playing. This book was designed for all instruments and for players of all skill levels. Classical excerpts and folk songs were chosen for their lyricism and to illustrate the tonal character of a variety of scales. Each melody begins in the key in which the music was originally written and is repeated in twelve keys moving around the circle of fifths.

Table of Contents

Play melodies from the book with a drone: Treble clef
              Alto clef
              Bass clef

I find using this book an exciting and transformative experience. I love the variety of tunes, and with the sound of the drone in the background, time just disappears. Practicing every day is energizing, not a chore, and I can hear my tuning improving. Thank you, Marcia!
Sandra Cosca, Cellist, Fort Bragg CA

I am really enjoying this book. I use it at the beginning of my practice to help get my ear going. It’s been very helpful. Thank you for creating it.
Clara Greisman, Cellist, San Anselmo CA

What a lovely, useful book! It’s beautifully laid out with enchanting song choices that will encourage players to slow down and relish the joining of each note with the drone. Marcia believes that playing in tune is about relationships, and I completely agree with her philosophy. There’s nothing that touches the soul quite like two notes singing together in tune. This book, along with the Cello Drone CD, offers players of every level a chance to experience a deep connection to each and every note and to learn some great repertoire they’ll enjoy playing for life.
Katrina Wreede, Violist, Composer and Founder of Composing Together

I like playing with the drones. This is so helpful with intonation. But the most fun thing was I started playing all kinds of different songs that popped into my head, playing by ear and improvising. This is the most fun I have had with music in a very long time. Thanks for your suggestion to play rubato and in other rhythms, and to improvise. Thanks for making music come alive for me again.
Sandy Sylvester, Violinist, Sacramento CA

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