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More Reviews of 28 Great Melodies to Play with Drones

I’m very grateful to have your new book “28 Great Melodies”. I’ve started with “Simple Gifts” and am really enjoying the experience playing with your drone CD. Thanks again for creating both the book and the CD. I have a feeling they will bring me enjoyment for the rest of my life.
Nina Groth, Cellist, Trinidad CA

It's very interesting to go up through the sharp keys and up through the flat keys. A great exercise for ear training as well as playing in higher positions and relaxation of the hand for accurate intonation. Once beyond first position, the fingering is "transportable”.
Eric Valentino, Student of Violin and Viola, Menlo Park CA

I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your book. I feel like playing with drones has really expanded my inner ear. If I improvise with the drone I find myself exploring changing scales (minor keys, dorian, pentatonic) and hearing new relationships and harmonies with the root. Hearing that steady, honest drone has given me a way to enjoy improvising on the piano also. Because I am grounded by the tone, there is something to come back to, to resolve with. I now use the drone with most of my practice. Again, thank you.
Lydia Sims, Violinist, Willits CA


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